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Chicago Black Gay Pride Events 2022

It’s approximately one week from showtime for the 2022 Esteem Awards, part of Chicago’s Black Gay weekend. As the excitement and anticipation are building by the second moment, I wish I could add another couple […]

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Samuel Adams partners with GLAAD and calls on craft breweries to become safer and more inclusive spaces for all

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator GLAAD.org | June 17, 2022 As Pride celebrations make a hopeful return, Samuel Adams is reinforcing its commitment to creating safe and inclusive spaces that bring people together to share a beer, celebrate Pride, and […]

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GLAAD EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Greg Mathis Jr. and his father talk sexuality on “Mathis Family Matters”

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator GLAAD.org | June 16, 2022 ALL RISE for Judge Mathis…and his new reality series Mathis Family Matters! The iconic Judge Mathis is back on TV with E! Entertainment to share a close look at […]