Blazing The Trail, A Conversation with Langston John Blaze

Photo Credit: “FREEFALL” Production Stills and Dallas J. Logan Photography

Langston John Blaze is an actor, author and relationship columnist for Kontrol Magazine.  He currently stars as Trent in the preseason episodes of the new hit web drama “FREEFALL” which can currently be seen on YouTube. Blaze has written two books; The B.E.D.: Bold, Erotic and Dangerous, which was released in April of 2012, and his soon to be released “Sensual Horizon.”  Blaze talked to PrideIndex about the first time he performed in front of an audience, his “experimental” modeling career and why Trent will never fall in love.

PRIDEINDEX (PI): Langston, please tell us about your background and where are you from?

LANGSTON JOHN BLAZE: (LJB): Originally from Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve resided just outside of Atlanta, Georgia most my life.  I’ve always been a very imaginative person. I turned to actors like Elijah Wood growing up because I saw passion in his big wide eyes and I became entrapped in his characters. Entertainment is second nature to me. I’m also a dancer, singer, magazine columnist of  “The Underwear Drawer”, a relationship column for Kontrol Magazine.  I am also a novelist; my book is entitled The B.E.D.

PI: Describe to us what it felt like the first time you perform in from of audience?

LJB: The first time I performed in front of an audience, I was about three or four years old. My parents and their friends would watch me do Michael Jackson dance moves. Once I had on a hat, doing his signature moves and as I would spin the hat flew off my head, it would land on the head of a chair. My parents and their friends were hysterical with laughter.

PI: When did first know that you wanted to be an actor?

LJB: I think I knew I wanted to be an actor subconsciously the first time I saw Elijah Wood in Radio Flyer.

PI: What is your ultimately goal as an actor?

LJB: My ultimate goal is to always be someone else when playing a role. I never want viewers to see Langston.

PI: Talk to us about your modeling career have you appeared in any print or television ads, if so where?

LJB: Modeling is very experimental and challenging for me. I have a love hate relationship for it but mostly love. I haven’t been in any ads but I’ve worked with the amazing photographer Dallas J. Logan, who has shot many ads.

PI: Name at least 3 people who have had the most influence over your artistic style.

LJB: My mother, who unfortunately hasn’t lived that entertainer version of her life. She’s very funny and dramatic like an actor. I get it from her. Musically, Michael Jackson and Aaliyah have influenced me the most.

PI: What attracted you to the role of Trent in “FREEFALL?”

LJB: The challenge in playing Trent is interesting. In fact, I’ve had strong feelings for guys that share Trent’s less than great aspects.

PI: What attributes do you share with your character Trent?

LJB:  If I’m in a bad mood, I share Trent’s views on relationships because I’m such a genuine lover and when that’s taken for granted, it creates a short-lived pessimistic view on love for me. But it’s very short-lived.

PI: Is Trent a hopeless romantic?

LJB: I feel Trent’s been hurt deeply. Sometimes it’s getting hurt that makes some men become as hurtful as Trent.

PI: Is Trent secretly in love with Cameron? Can audiences expect to see the two characters get together and make love until the sun comes up in a future episode?

LJB: I honestly don’t feel Trent is in love with Cameron. I think he’s in love with their brotherhood. He doesn’t want to lose that. I don’t think he has romantic feelings for Cameron especially since he’s thought  for so long Cameron was heterosexual.

PI: What is the most romantic thing someone has done to impress you?

LJB:  No one has ever done anything romantic for me. I humbly say some find that hard to believe but it’s true.

PI: Describe for us what your typical weekend is like.

LJB: I’m very simple. I like to watch movies and sometimes take notes from what I see; especially  if  I’m working on a new book.

PI: What’s next for you on the horizon?

LJB: Next?  I’m currently working on my second book called “Sensual Horizon.”  I’m working on my music and auditioning more.

PI: Is there anything else you would like to share?

LJB: I appreciate all the fans of “FREEFALL.”  I am an actor, which means I come to work with Trent’s personality but I leave him once filming is wrapped. I love the connection I share with Lamont Pierre, Jody, and Shamon and I hope for a stronger bond and a progressive season of the web series. Feel free to message me on and the entire cast of “FREEFALL” at