Black Queer Magic creative speaks truth and more

Our quest to profile wonderful and exciting authors of note from all genres of books continues. The assignment is presented perpetually because black queer talent exists in everything, anywhere and everywhere, all at once. 

Today, we bring you our interview with Christopher Murphy. The Las Vegas resident is equally talented and handsome. The creative activist is the author of the breakout thrillers The Other Side of the Mirror and Where The Boys Are. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Hurston/Wright Foundation. 

He recently attended GLAAD’s inaugural Black Queer Creative Summit a couple of weekends ago, where he and 150 other talented Black queer creatives participated in panel discussions and networking events. “It truly was a one-of-a-kind experience. Being able to share space with other Black queer creatives was amazing. After attending, I honestly feel like I’ve found my community, my village, and I have new chosen family,” he said. 

Recently, PrideIndex chatted with the author with the infectiously adorable smile via email. Here’s what he shares about his writing process and more. 

PrideIndex (PI): Why did you become a writer? 

 Christopher Murphy (CM): I’ve always been fascinated with the art of storytelling. I started writing poetry and short stories at a young age, and that passion has grown into a career. I love creating worlds people can escape to – and stories people can identify with that spark conversation.

PI: How do you nurture ideas from conception and jotting them down on paper to realization with a finished novel?

CM: (Ha!) I wish I could say I just put pen to paper, and the magic just HAPPENS, but my process is actually very methodical. Once I have a concept that speaks to me, I spend a lot of time developing my MC to breathe life into them. Who are they? What do they want most in the world? What challenges are they facing? What secrets do they harbor? Then, I create a very detailed outline and set a writing schedule. I share this process with anyone who asks me HOW I’ve been able to complete 3 novels. It’s definitely a discipline.

PI: Finish this sentence– For me, writing has always been _______. (a) Cathartic. (b) A way to escape. (c) Complex/A tortured process. (d) My life’s passion. Why did you choose that response? 

CM: B. Who doesn’t love a good escape? Especially when you’re the architect. Also, writing has always been something that I need to do, regardless of what else is happening in my life.

PI: To date, you have written three books, two of which were LGBTQ+ thrillers about a black gay man whose dad was a serial killer. Why did you choose this subject matter? 

CM: At their heart, “The Other Side of The Mirror” and “The Dark Side of The Mirror” are actually about generational trauma and the things (however dark) that we inherit from our parents. Although Jace’s version of this is extreme and explores the aftermath of “The Brooklyn Butcher,” many of my readers identify with Jace’s healing journey.

PI: Let’s switch gears. Recently you participated in GLAADs Black Queer Creative Summitt. Talk about that experience; what was it like? 

CM: It truly was a one-of-a-kind experience. Being able to share space with other Black queer creatives was amazing. After attending, I honestly feel like I’ve found my community, my village, and I have a new chosen family. The programming was excellent, and it was clear that a lot of thought went into creating safe spaces for Black queer creatives – which is something that is SO necessary. I left feeling empowered and energized – ready to take on new projects and explore new tracks – like screenwriting! It’s been an honor and privilege to connect and share space with so many gifted creatives from around the globe!

PI: I’ve read somewhere that you have a fourth book coming soon. What teas can you share on number 4? 

CM: I’m very excited about the new intriguing characters on the way – and you may see one or two familiar characters from past books make a cameo. Of course, there will be lots of twists and chills I can’t reveal right now – but definitely buckle up! 

PI: Is there a Lambda Lit, Publishing Triangle, Pulitzer Prize, or another award/accolade on your horizon? 

CM: For me, it’s less about the awards and more about the rewards. Touching peoples’ lives… Letting someone know they are not alone… creating Brown and Black queer characters who readers can identify with… all of that is incredibly rewarding. 

PI: Gaze into your crystal ball in ten years; you’re sitting on the couch with your husband, discussing your career. What do you hope to have accomplished by then? 

CM: I would love to have my work adapted for film or into a TV series. That is the dream.