Authors of Note: Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

Photos courtesy of Eddie Seron Pierce Jr.

Eddie Seron Pierce Jr., is one of the most creative and ambitious authors that you will ever meet.  Pierce self-published his first novel Love: Something Infinite which was largely inspired by personal experiences that took place in his life.  He founded Rainbow Room Publishing Company because he wanted the autonomy of working with whomever he wanted and to help other artist promote their works.  In July 2013 for the release of his second novel “Love: From Behind,” which was based in Las Vegas, he had the first of kind casino night themed red carpet event.  Pierce is currently promoting his book at venues around Chicago his next event will take place on Saturday November 9 at Jeffery Pub located at 7041 S. Jeffery Boulevard at 4:00 pm-6:00 pm.  PrideIndex chatted with him about why he became a writer, the ultimate goal of Rainbow Room Publishing Company and what’s next.

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