Authors of Note

Terry E. Hill’s Come Sunday Morning

Oakland, California author, Terry E. Hill’s new novel, “Come Sunday Morning” tells the story of Hezekiah T. Cleaveland, the handsome, charismatic pastor of the New Testament Cathedral, a mega church in Los Angeles. He is married to Reverend Samantha […]

Music & Radio Personalities

Keeping Up With Ms. Jonez

PRIDEINDEX: Tell us about the circumstances surrounding the founding of Get Bent Radio and why do you believe it’s so important to the LGBT community? JONEZ: Bent Radio was founded in 2009.I was looking for […]

Authors of Note

Authors of Note: Love the Poet

LOVE, also known as Michelle Antoinette Nelson, is a spoken word poet, performance artist and author. She is a member of the Punany Poets, an erotic poetry performance troupe that has been featured on HBO’s Real Sex.  Love […]

Pride On Film

Woke Up Black

“Woke up Black,” is the first feature length documentary by activist Mary F. Morten. The film follows the lives of five African-American youth. “Moviegoers will see a glimpse of the lives of 5 black youth, […]

Pageant Personalties & Performance Artists

Entertainers Profile: Artez Bonet

Artez Bonet is a 31 year old lip synch performance artist from Albany, Georgia, now living in Atlanta, Georgia. As a male entertainer/performer he uses the name Artez Tajoure Bonet and has worked in numerous clubs […]

Authors of Note

Author of Note: Michael Arceneaux

Michael Arceneaux is a freelance writer and blogger. He has written articles on pop culture, politics, race and sexuality for various media outlets that include The Root, AOL News,, TV One Online and […]

Authors of Note

Authors of Note: Darian Aaron

Darian Aaron is the publisher of the blog Living Out Loud with Darian ( which offers news and opinions on the African American gay community. His writings have appeared online and in several national publications which […]

Esteem Awards

B.BLYSS! Productions

B.BLYSS! Productions, an entertainment company, was founded in April of 2004, since that time it has taken the Chicago nightlife by storm. “B.BLYSS! Production’ mission is simply; to embrace the essence of culture, with the […]