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Pride On Film: Rag Tag

Reunited after 10 years apart, London-based childhood friends Raymond and Tagbo – otherwise known as Rag and Tag – begin to discover how deep their bound truly is.  While Rag struggles to find his place in the […]

Esteem Awards

5th Annual Esteem Award Finalist Announced

2007 Honoree Will Lockett Credit Photo: Phil Esteem   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 19, 2011 Press Contact: Philip Esteem 5th Annual Esteem Award Finalist Announced   CHICAGO – (April 19, 2011)™ announced 19 […]

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The LezView Show

The LezView Show was founded January 23, 2010. The LezView forum offers information and spirited discussions on local and national issues for both the LGBT and greater community on inclusive topics such as parenting, relationships, […]

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Pride On Film: Animal Drill

Patrick Murphy is a recently graduated film student from New York University’s Tische School of the Arts.  His main areas of concentration were writing and directing, as well as mastering the nuances of storyboarding.  A […]

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Pride On Film: CHANGE

In the short film “CHANGE,” we meet Jamie, an African American teenager grappling with his sexual identity on the night Barack Obama is elected President and Propostion 8 – the voter iniative to eliminate same-sex […]

Authors of Note

The Tele Universe

 Aymar “AJ” Christian is a doctoral student in communications at the Annenburg School at the University of Pennsylvania.  His writings have appeared in prominient national publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek.   Christian’s […]

Music & Radio Personalities

Calm, Cool & Kaoz

A conversation with gay spoken word lyricist Kevin “Kaoz” Moore Although Kevin “Kaoz” Moore is influenced by artist such as KRS One, Ice Cube and Common, he is not your average hip-hop artist. Moore is a socially conscious […]

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Pride on Film: Genderblind

“Genderblind” is the first narrative feature by Chicago filmmaker Lanita Joseph. “It’s the story of black lesbians and the challenges faced by black gay Christians to be true themselves,” as Joseph put it. PrideIndex had the […]

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Press Releases and important breaking news


By Elizabeth Taylor 1932-20111 Media Release                                                                                                                            March 23, 2011 Contact:Richard Ferraro, GLAAD(646)   GLAAD MOURNS THE LOSS OF LGBT ADVOCATE AND ALLYDAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR   Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2011 – […]

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Pride On Film: Blueprint

Kirk Shannon-Butts, known as boi WONDA to his friends, is a producer, director and writer from Baltimore. His company has produced 3 films since 2000.  Shannon-Butts received a Master of Fine Arts in Film and […]