Art & Soul Part II: Le Ciel

Art & Soul Part II: Le Ciel

Name:Tracie “Le Ciel” Burley

Age: 26

Current Residence: Chicago

Original Residence: St. Louis

PRIDEINDEX.COM: How would you describe your album “The Restoration?” When and where will it be available?
LECIEL: Initially planned for the “The Restoration” to be released in the summer of 2009, but I continued to work on revising it and trying to find the right sound that I wanted for the album so I pushed the process of making the project back.  I’ve decided to take a more live approach with the album which happened to be unexpected and to be honest  linking up with my band members came at such a perfect time because we all come from different musical backgrounds and working with them has definitely opened me up to different styles of music and ideas as well as made me confident enough to share my voice with the people.  “The Restoration” is a mixture of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul with a sense of deep rawness and passion to it as we progress I’m sure that we will find a way to incorporate so many different musical styles into our music we grow. But we haven’t set an exact date, we expect it to be completed and available soon.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: Tell us about your current project and any obstacles or challenges you have encountered and how you over came them.
LECIEL: At the moment I’m currently working on a recording project with my band, “The Clyde Project.” There are always obstacles and challenges that are faced with anything worth going after in life. I guess I’ve learned to take those obstacles and what seems to be set backs as a way of evolving and focusing.  My set backs humbles me and reminds me of why I make the kind of music that I make.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: What is your earliest memory of singing/writing music?
LECEIL: My earliest memories of singing and writing music was when I was a child, I sang gospel music all the time because that’s all I heard growing up. The music was filled with so much excitement and passion.    I wrote gospel lyrics but  eventually stopped doing music altogether then came back to it by the time I turned 19.  A 19 I started writing peotry which opened my ear to hip-hop, soul and jazz, and then I became an emcee.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: We’re you professional trained? If so where?
LECIEL: I was not professionally trained in music. In school I studied Theology and Communications. I’m passionate about making it my purpose.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: Name 3 people that have influenced your artistic style.
LECIEL:There’s so many that have influenced me over the years and as I get older and more mature I  become my influences seem to change, so there’s so much to think about lol.  I would say Common, Nina, and Rahsaan Patterson are musical styles I’ve come to enjoy over the years along with many more.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: Your facebook page says that you’re an Emcee and not a Rapper, what’s the difference?
LECIEL:When I first started doing hip-hop I  listened to  artist such as Common, Talib, Black Thought, Jean Grae, and Lauryn Hill I would these artist emcees but artist such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross Ugk (which by the way I love) I consider rappers.  I have anything against the any of artist or the music they create because it’s where they are in their journey, in their experiences. I guess people define the two by the type of message that is being presented or the style lyrically.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: Do you believe that gay performers have an obligation to the gay community why or why not?
LECIEL:I believe that people whether gay,bi-sexual,straight first have an obligation to themselves. I am a woman who loves women and I think it’s important to express it, share it with other people who are the same (and those who are not) and be proud of it.  I want my music to be universal enough to where anyone who listens could see and hear themselves in my work. It’s about understanding that we are all one regardless of sexual preferance, race, gender socioeconomical status. And with that i’m not obligated to anything or anyone, but that my music is geared towards the world.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: What’s playing in your CD player?
LECIEL:“The Clyde Project,”  if I don’t support then who will. LOL. Rahsaan Patterson, Sade, Bilal, Common, Nina Simone, Vertical Horizon, Arrested Development, Jill Scott. I listen to alot of instrumentals,  Boards of Canada is one of faves to thrown in, but these are just a few.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: What’s 2 books and CDs should everyone own?
LECIEL:Two books: “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch and  “Bhagavad Gita.”   Two CDs: “The Experience” by Jill Scott and “Verve Jazz Masters 17” by Nina Simone both CDs have moved me during certain experiences.

PRIDEINDEX.COM: Any future projects?
LECIEL:“The Restoration,” we plan on having more up coming shows in the near future and possibly working on my second mix tape, “Letters To You.”
Le Ciel and The Clyde Project can be seen at Art & Soul which takes place at REHAB Cocktail Lounge at Circuit Nightclub, 3641 North Halsted in Chicago on Sunday September 26, 2010 Doors open at 6:00PM and the show begins at 7:00PM admission is $10. For more information visit
to see Le Ciel perform click here