AJ Ninja discusses Painted Volume 6: The Villains Ball

We jumped at the chance when AJ Ninja approached PrideIndex’s The Esteem Awards regarding sponsorship of Painted Volume 6: The Villains Ball. The last time we sponsored a cash category in 2021, we were more than satisfied with the level of talent the contestants brought to Color Explosion in Pink. This year, we’re sponsoring two cash categories, Hair Affair and Color Explosion.

Open To All (OTA) COLOR EXPLOSION: Loud & Proud

The category reads: The Rainbow exploded and dripped all over your outfit. Bring us Bright Colors. Creativity is your friend; nobody cares if your sh!t doesn’t match. $250.00 Cash

OTA Hair Affair: The Art of Avant-Garde

The category reads: You’ve just left the out-of-this-world hair salon, and the snobs on Michigan Avenue still need to be ready. Show us why they’re staring. We want to see feathers, trinkets, color, Height, and your Imagination. $250.00 Cash

As we surfed the categories, we noticed AJ is bringing back old-school favorites such as Designers Delite and Hand Performance. “I have been a fan of hand performance. It’s a Ninja trait. Hand Performance is the first element of vogue, and every performer should know it,” he said. The category reads: OTA Arms / Hand Control: The Baddest Lantern Corp. of them all. Come as Red, Yellow, Orange or Black of the Lantern Corp colors with your power ring to dominate the competition. $150.00

Other added categories not on the flyer are:

Stud Vs Transman Realness Mean~Boyz the category reads: Kollect your 10’s for The Realness in you all Black with a touch of Pink. $200.00

BQID Vs Fem Queen Vs Women Vogue Fem let’s see who’s the Devils favorite Demon Samora in “The Ring” Vs Reagan in “The Exorcist” $400.00

When probed, AJ said, “brainstorming with my Brotha, Mother Tracy Balmain, we had numerous ideas on themes, but villains stood out best, and I believe instead of shining the interrogation lights, the villains are in to be explored more and what makes them so unique because the hero can’t live nor function without them.”

Painted Volume 6: The Villains Ball hosted by Father AJ Ninja and Mother Tracy Balmain takes place Saturday, November 4, 2023, at Logan Square Auditorium, 2539 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647.

Admission $25, Tables $250