A Tale of Two Mothers By Anthony “Anky” Miyake-Mugler

This story originally appeared August 2005 Photo Credit : Production Still House of Miyake-Mugler Grand March Legendary HBO Max Season 2

Credit Photo: Anky Miyake-Mugler
Mother Sasha and Tempress Miyake-Mugler

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but that never stopped the rock-socking legendary house of Miyake-Mugler. In August 1989, founders David and Raleigh, along with Julian (then, Chanel) and Eric (then, Omni) the house of Miyake-Mugler was birthed. In the late 80’s, when houses were being sued by the original designers for name infringement, they came up with a pseudo hyphenated name which still resounds to this day in the ears of all who are fab. For over 15 years, this house has withstood the test of time and the scrutiny of the ballroom scene. With over 60 members in our nation’s capital, and seven different states (New York, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado) it has set a standard for face, which has become envious to some, undeniable to most. It has birthed a plethora of stars, statements, and legends! It has also birthed other houses such as: Galliano and Balenciaga. The legendary house of Miyake-Mugler has banked upon Charles Darwin’s philosophy of the one’s that are most adaptable to change will be given the race. The executive board, which includes highly ranked members from each state, came to a unanimous decision to further the house along in its adaptive processes. The former mother, Whitney, has now become father. The overall mother, Stasha, now has an addition to lend her a helping hand. The new mother of Atlanta is Tempress Miyake-Mugler and like the new house she belongs to, she’s taking no prisoners! One is a pageant icon that burns the competition with her bigger than life persona. The other is a talented stage actress and singer who has come into herself and taken the ballroom scene by storm. Here’s a little insight into the world in which they live.

Anky Miyake-Mugler: In your own words, what is Miyake-Mugler?

Stasha Miyake-Mugler: You can’t fully understand unless you’re a part of it. If I had to describe it in words, I would say it is a process of perfection. The process never dies, and like the greatness in the house, it keeps the house alive.

Anky: How long have you been a Miyake-Mugler?

Stasha: Since 1997, so it’s been about 8 years.

Anky: How has being a member of the legendary house of Miyake-Mugler influenced who you are today?

Stasha: It sharpened my social skills. While giving me a sense of family, it has also prepared me for any situation life could possibly throw at me.

Anky: You have numerous titles within the pageant circuit. Does being Mother Mugler interfere with that?

Stasha: Being a strong-minded individual allows me to deal with such pressures. Sometimes, it’s hard for my kids to understand the magnitude of what I do. The traveling, the money, and the house…I try to balance it all.

Anky: Speaking of titles, which have you held and for which are you currently running?

Stasha: I’ve been Miss. Black Universe, Miss. Black America, and Miss. Liberty International. I’m currently the First Lady of D.C. The first time I ran for Miss. Continental, I came in fourth lace out of 50 contestants. The second time I ran, I was second runner up. I run again Labor Day of this year in Chicago. Wish me luck!

Anky: As far as being mother, whom one would you say your parenting skills are most like; June Cleaver or Clair Huxtable.

Stasha: Clair Huxtable! She’s about business, but she still took the time out to nurture her children. Like myself, Clair was fun loving and happy! That’s an important characteristic a mother should have!

Anky: Have one of your children ever challenged your authority? If so, how, and what were the results?

Stasha: Yes, I’ve had children buck against my authority before. They were simply put in their place. As mother, I’m knowledgeable! If I’m telling someone something, it’s only for the best. In the end, they always realize I had their best interest at heart.

Anky: Whom do you turn to for advice in and out of the ballroom scene?

Stasha: First and foremost, God! Those within the house are: Gramz (Eric), Whitney, Alyssa, Lisa, and Dre. At other times, I turn to Archie Bonet, Niesha Dupree, or Al Hill.

Anky: Now, for the good stuff. Who, if any, are your ballroom rivals?

Stasha: I am my own rival. I compete with myself to outdo my last performance. It keeps me on my toes!

Anky: In your opinion, other than yourself, who’s hot right now in the ballroom scene?

Stasha: I would have to say Tempress. She’s hot and she’s out there. I would also have to say Zeric. For the short time that he’s been on the scene, he’s definitely made a name for himself.

Anky: Who’s in your cd player?

Stasha: I love Tamia. I’m also listening to Destiny’s Child and Jill Scott.

Anky: What can we expect from Mugler in the future?

Stasha: Continued excellence! I want whatever we do to be memorable!


Anky: In few words, what is Miyake-Mugler?

Tempress: Family, beauty, competition…it’s a powerhouse!

Anky: You came from another house, and you’re now Mother of the ATL. What plans do you have for the house?

Tempress: Mugler breeds growth, success, and endurance. We will continue this trend and reap the benefits.

Anky: Some may not know that you are a talented and accomplished stage-actress and singer. Will being mother interfere with that?

Tempress: No! I’ve learned very early that you have to separate your everyday life from balls. Balls are a secondary sport or hobby, per say. It’s extra-curricular!

Anky: Have one of your children ever challenged your authority? If so, how, and what were the results?

Tempress: Only one. I specifically told him not to walk because he wasn’t ready. Contrary to what was said, he did anyway and embarrassed not only himself, but the entire house. Needless to say, he’s no longer a part of us. It’s no bad blood, though!

Anky: In your opinion, other than yourself, who’s hot right now in the ballroom scene?

Tempress: There are several hot individuals within the ballroom scene that are keeping it alive. I’ve never been a name-dropper, though. You’ll always forget someone.

Anky: Who do you turn to for advice in or out of the ballroom scene?

Tempress: My mother is a wise woman. She knows about the ballroom scene, but she provides overall guidance!

Anky: Who, if any, are your ballroom rivals?

Tempress: (takes a long pause) I don’t have any ballroom rivals that I know of.

Anky: Who’s in your cd player?

Tempress: Right now, I’m listening to Fantasia, John Legend, and Tweet.

Anky: Are there any misconceptions about you or are there things that you would like people to know that they may not know?

Tempress: I want them to know that I am an extremely nice individual. A lot of times, people mix up my character on the runway with reality. I’ve always been a very competitive person but it begins and ends on the runway. Once again, it’s extra-curricular!

Anky: As far as being mother, whom one would you say your parenting skills are most like; June Cleaver or Clair Huxtable.

Tempress: It’s a combination of both. When I first became Mother NYC I took the June Cleaver approach. I tried to cater to everyone’s needs. That doesn’t allow your children to grow. Now, I take the Clair Huxtable approach. I plant the seed and allow them to grow, while also allowing them to be self-sufficient.

Anky: What can we expect in the future from Mother Tempress Miyake-Mugler?

Tempress: Bigger and better things inside and outside of the ballroom scene. Please be aware…I’m just getting started!


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Message from Anky months after article appeared–There have been some major changes in the structuring of our house.  Tempress is now Mother Atlanta, and we have another fem queen, “Tyra Allure” who is now Mother NY.  Click Here for Anky Miyake Mugler .