A Man After My Own Heart

Photos Courtesy of Teon Tee Thompson

Tee Thompson is an actor, dancer, model and artist. He has been dancing ever since he was five years. At the age of seventeen the St. Paul, Minnesota native moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career professionally. At the age of eighteen he booked his first professional gig as a dancer in music videos and touring nationally with pop icon Madonna. When his dancing career was cut short due to a back injury Thompson turned to fashion.  His Midas touch landed him on the pages of VOGUE, InStyle, and GQ.

Pictured above is some of Teon’s artwork

He has appeared in several television commercials marketing products for American Airlines, Gillette’s Oral B toothbrush and carmaker Nissan’s Altima.

Jack A Heart, Thompson’s company was named after his grandfather Jack, are handmade decorative wall art made of quality wood, nails and string. He discovered his love of string art while battling depression and suicide. Thompson is the company’s sole artist. He spends countless hours making both off-the-shelf and customized pieces.
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