Yo’ Sista In The Name of Cinema, A Conversation with Coquie Hughes

Writer, producer, director and Chicago native Coquie Hughes is an award winning filmmaker her work has appeared in festivals throughout the United States. Hughes is the founder and lead instructor of Lights Camera Youth Action, a media arts education program for underprivileged youth. Hughes’ production company SeeTruePeace Entertainment Group, has written, produced and directed several short and feature length films including,  “GOTTA GET MY HAIR DID,” “MY MOMA SAID YO MOMA’S A DYKE,”  and “THE LIES WE TELL,TRUTH WE KEEP. ” Her latest project, “IF I WAS YOUR GIRL,” is an intense pressure cooker drama centered on the chaotic affair between two interrelated lesbian couples. It will be premiering at the Portage Theater on Friday April 27, 2012 at 8:00PM.  Tickets are $12 and can be purchased online at www.acoquiehughesfilm.com or by calling 312-545-3793. PrideIndex briefly talked with Hughes about the inspiration for the film, upcoming projects and motherhood.

PRIDEINDEX (PI): You have several films coming up, in addition to the “If I Was Your Girl,” Milon V. Parker’s  “Lies People Tell, Truth We Keep”  and  Anike Bay’s “Girls Like Us Season 1.”  Child I am out breath from saying all that; how did you manage your time between all those projects?

COQUIEHUGHES (CH): Actually, I only have one film coming up and that’s IF I WAS YOUR GIRL premiering at the Portage Theater on April 27, 2012 at 8pm sharp.  My schedule became consumed with other projects…so I didn’t work at all on the sequel to Milon V. Parker’s “The Lies We Tell…” and I only wrote the initial screenplay for Anike Bay’s “Girls Like Us Season 1”. 

PI: Why are all three of these films being released within a few months of one another?

CH: In my opinion, that’s pretty awesome!  There should be a film released every week telling the stories of African American American women in the lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

PI: How does one know when they they’re watching a signature CoquieHughes film?

CH: I suppose I reveal it in the opening credits when I introduce my name as: “a Coquie Hughes film.” I never put a space in between my first and last name, (LAUGHS)l…so I suppose that’s one of my signature styles.

PI: Who does your work speak directly to?

CH: I make films that are specific for a targeted audience yet I make it appealing enough that everyone wants to see it.

PI: Briefly tell us about “IF I WAS YOUR GIRL,” where did you find the muse for it?

CH:IF I WAS YOUR GIRL is a pressure cooker drama centered on the chaotic affair between two interrelated lesbian couples.  I wrote this project back in 2001 and shot it as a 75 minute work-in-progress on a $50 budget.  It took a little over ten years with numerous re-writes to actually shoot the “real” version.  I made this film because I wanted to bring to the fore-front the issues of domestic abuse within the urban black lesbian community while making it sexy with a flare of dark humor.  I am a big fan of acclaimed film director Quentin Tarantino…so I tried as best I could to emulate his style with this film.

PI: How long did it take you to complete this film?

CH: This film was shot over a period of 10 days with the support of my producing partner Jeremy M. Jones of Mind Worthy Pictures who served as Producer, Director of Photography and Co-Editor.

PI: Can you give us the scoop on other projects you have coming down the pipeline?

CH: I hope to produce more films in the near future geared toward African Americans in the lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.  In the meantime, Jeremy and I will be headed to LaGrange, Georgia for the summer of 2012 to shoot an urban family comedy film entitled GRANNY BALLERS where we have a few “star-named” talents attached.

PI: I understand that you’re the mother of a small one, have you considered making a movie about motherhood? Why or why not?

CH: Actually I have two children.  I have a daughter who is 5 and a son who is 3.  I just completed a script called “The Arrangement” that my producing partner, Jeremy and I are trying to secure financing for.  It’s an urban lesbian comedy about a successful middle-age woman who wants children so she decides to hire this young woman to be her surrogate and what started off as a business arrangement transforms into something personal when the two fall in love and all chaos breaks out.

Check out the trailer for the movie on YouTube at http://youtu.be/fVxv4TeYyMo