Over The Rainbow

Re-Published from Spring 2006

When they are not performing, the Men of Rainbow (“MOR”) spends countless hours planning and perfecting their act. Although they find time to relax somehow elements of their outside projects are incorporated into the group’s show.

Since 1997 MOR consisting of Eric Rainbow, his companion of 2 years Marlowe Rainbow, along with Marlowe’s best friend of 18 years – Roy Rainbow, has taken the lip sync world by storm. Now they have launched the Men of Rainbow Collection which showcases the talents of fashion designers from across the country. Along with the Rainbow Mafia (Men along with their extended family of Baltimore natives; Kinera and Treasure), is poised to expand their horizons into many areas of the entertainment industry. “MOR uses a group approach,” said Mr. Revlon-Rainbow, the group’s Program Manager and President. “We’re all equal; this is why we have surpassed and succeed beyond the box of fashion, music, entertainment, and pageantry systems. We make sure that all of our music appeals to all audiences – POP, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Gospel, Reggae and the Motown generation.”

The Baltimore-based entertainment group holds over a dozen titles between its members. On October 23, 2005 at the Key West Night Club in Philadelphia, Marlowe, 32, added another notch to his title belt when he seized the crown for Mr. East Coast Black USA (2006). He won 3 out of 4 categories including Interview, Presentation, and Formal Wear.

For some contestants on the pageantry circuit its constant rounds of self-promotion regardless if you’re competing for a title or not. For MOR promotion is a way of life. According to their website, “Men of Rainbow “travels to about 32 cities and performs in front of over 500,000 each year.“ They have performed for the LGBT community at Pride Events winning legions of fans across the United States. MOR distinguishes itself from others by offering an array of services that include lip syncing as well as singing live, modeling, moderating self-improvement workshops, and event planning. “When I joined MOR I was instantly placed in the competition arena,” says Eric Rainbow, title holder of Mr. DC Newcomer (2005). “Even though I have been modeling for the past 7 years, I wanted to compete in the male pageantry system for the sheer chance to be the best.” The 29 year old St. Thomas native has been a member of the group for 2 years. He has studied dance and holds a Masters in Vocal Music and currently serves as the hands on vocal trainer.

By contrast Roy Rainbow, 32, does not compete as often.  Roy is an original member of Men and a far cry from being an introvert. “Although I don’t compete I am not a shy person, I will be ready to compete again at a later date,” he said. “I love being on the stage, it’s like my therapy. I enjoy many forms of dancing; modern, jazz, hip-hop, and reggae.”

Marlowe came up with the concept for MOR while he was a member of the Baltimore chapter of the Royal House of Revlon. In the vogue/ball world he developed his competitive spirit walking the All American Runway category. MOR was spun off from Rainbow Models, a multicultural mentoring group for LGBT youth.

“Whatever you decide to do sing, dance, perform, make clothes, pageants or whatever, even though you may think you are good or people tell you are good – always do your research on what area you decide to enter and remember your style has to be universal,” he said.

Pictured left to right are Eric, Marlowe and Roy Rainbow Photo Credit MOR Productions

Catch the Rainbow: Since 1997 MOR have taken the lip sync world by storm. Here’s a list of their most recent wins.

Marlowe Rainbow          

Mr. Black National 2005-2006

Mr. East Coast Black USofA 2005-2006 finals will be held in Atlanta Mar 1- 2

Mr. Maryland USA Classique 2005-2006  finals will be held in Hickory, NC Mar 24-26

Mr. DC Capital Pride 2005

Mr. DC Newcomer 2004

Eric Rainbow     

Mr. NC USA 2005-2006 finals will be held in Hickory, NC in Aug

Mr. Club Colours 2005-2006

Mr. Gay USA 2005 placed 2nd Alt out of 26  

Mr. North East USA 2005     

Mr. Grand Central Station 2005 Mr. DC Newcomer 2005

Roy Rainbow

Mr. Georgia USA 2005

Mr. MEN Inc 2002     


Marital Status: Marlowe & Eric Rainbow have been dating for the last 2 years. Roy has been dating Chris Rainbow (the group’s road manager) for 3 years. 

Wardrobe is by: E.Bannister Couture Menswear. They have started to design their own clothes using the talents of K.Kinera Fashions (Kinera Rainbow.)

Current Projects: Have a recording contract with Int’l recording artist Ultra Nate’ thru Sugar Records to release their single “Tell Me Now.” It was remixed by the Int’l DJ Producer Thommy Davis whom produced several Crystal Waters’ songs including “100% Pure Love”

Up Coming Projects: Working on their next 3 singles that with ultimate plans for their first full CD. To book Men of Rainbow click here . To find out more about Marlow click here.