5 Questions with Adam McMath

We continue conversing with Artists in the Afternoon 3: The Write Passion & Purpose panelist. Up next is Adam McMath. McMath is an activist, political consultant, and filmmaker.

As president and executive director of Black Alphabet NFP, he has many responsibilities, including developing and implementing strategic plans and building and maintaining relationships with sponsors and donors. He also oversees day-to-day operations, including holding on tight to the organization’s purse strings. 

It’s always a pleasure to work with Adam. He’s professional and makes himself available wherever possible. PrideIndex managed to steal a few moments from his busy day. Here’s what he shared via email. 

PrideIndex (PI): Briefly describe how you became involved with Black Alphabet NFP.

Adam McMath (AM): I started with Black Alphabet during its first year 10 years ago this past July as a filmmaker. I directed a film called MissUnderSTUD about masculine associated studs that screened at that year’s festival. The board at the time then recruited me to join the board to help move the organization’s mission forward. Throughout my time at Black Alphabet, I served in many roles before becoming president and executive director. 

 PI: Talk about some of the projects Black Alphabet has planned for this year. How do you decide where to put your resources? 

AM: We have many exciting programing. I envision leveraging art to address things that disproportionately impact the black LGBTQ+ community. One of those programs is Art Therapy, a program generously supported by many foundations. 

PI: What is your ultimate goal (A.) As an Artist? (B.) For Black Alphabet?

AM: My goal is to give voice to the voiceless. My current focus is delivering stories about Black LGBTQ people many have never heard of. I have a deep interest in what I call the lost generation. Our community lost people during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

B.) Black Alphabet does national and semi-international work. Part of what I envision the Black Alphabet doing is being an incubator for new voices, new talent, and new healing across all of the arts and media spectrums. 

PI: You’re a busy man {sometimes hard as heck to catch up with.} What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

AM: I do a lot of reading and healing work. I can’t stress enough that if I’m not healed, I can’t help others heal. I spend much time focused on my family and loved ones because that connection becomes increasingly important as you age. I also spend much time on the road, leisurely, and for work. 

PI: If you could wave a magic wand and have anything your heart desires for Black Alphabet, what would you wish for? 

AM: Well, I wouldn’t say wave a magic wand because what I’ve asked for, I’ve gotten (often, not the first time I’ve asked, but if I preserver, I generally get what we need to serve the community.) Ultimately, I’d like to create a space where artists and non-artists can regularly connect, a community space. A space for inspiration. 

Black Alphabet Film Festival will take place October 13-15th. It’s our 10th year, and we are excited about the next 10 years! 

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