Health, Wealth, & Love: A Conversation with Dr. Jesse Sanders

We present to you Dr. Jesse SandersPh.D. Dr. Sanders will moderate the mental health, relationship, and wealth-building panel session for our Artists in the Afternoon: Prose, Poetry, & More event on Saturday, September 3, at the Metropolitan Library in Atlanta. The panelists will include Nelson Quiones, Mental Health Professional; Toni Bell, LGBT Entrepreneur; Yvette McKenzie, Business & Finance; and Joy Davis, Entrepreneur.

Sanders is a best-selling author, counselor, minister, and owner of REDEFINED LLC. & REDEFINING EMPOWERMENT CENTER INC. For more than 20 years, he has led people to find tenacity and strength to change their circumstances through positive self-inquiry and actions. Dr. Sanders partners with individuals and families to create a life filled with freedom through his therapy, life coaching, programs, workshops, and faith-based approach to transformation. 

Below are Dr. Sanders’ responses to our open-ended questionnaire that we sent each participant of our Artists in the Afternoon event.


PrideIndex (PI): Regarding your panel session on wealth building and well-being, who is your target audience?   

Dr. Sanders (DS): The target markets are individuals and family units that are at an intersection(s) in their life and need effective partnership and wisdom to dismantle the current or proposed dysfunction, so they may successfully construct a strategic plan that may catapult them into success in their personal or professional endeavors.

PI: What is the central message you desire to communicate to your audience? 

DS: We desire to encourage authentic self-awareness to create a chain reaction of intentional and courageous transformations at all stages of life.

PI: When did you first know you wanted to be a counselor and motivator?  

DS: I have always had a zeal for helping people. I was always the person who was the go-to person for people. I also would extend myself to ensure that people were contented and healthy. When I was a freshman in college, I knew I was supposed to be a therapist and an all-inclusive motivator.

PI: Where do you find your inspiration for projects?  

DS: My inspiration is found in my life, the people around me, and those I humbly serve. It is my obligation and goal to assist communities in discovering their unique voice and sharing it with the world.

PI: Why do you believe wealth building and well-being are important for the African American and LGBTQ communities?  

DS: The African American and LGBTQ communities face a lot of challenges. The African American community faces challenges such as lack of access to excellent education, low income, unemployment, and high incarceration rates. The LGBTQ community faces discrimination on both social and economic levels.

Furthermore, wealth building and well-being are vital for the African American and LGBTQ communities because they are often excluded from the traditional financial system. These communities are also more likely to live in poverty, which leads to a higher risk of mental health issues.

The African American community has been historically disenfranchised and economically marginalized. It is important for them to have a sense of wealth building and well-being to achieve their full potential.

The LGBTQ community is often discriminated against and face high poverty rates. They need to be able to achieve financial stability to live the lives they aspire to.

PI: How do you nurture ideas from brainstorming until they come to life on paper?   

DS: I allow myself to be one within myself, be in the present, and maintain a healthy ecosystem. I confidently believe we are inventors, authors, powerful beings, etc. Therefore, I permit myself to explore without limits. I do not rob myself of digging deep.

PI: What does the future hold for Redefined LLC

DS: Redefined LLC will continue to impact the nation. By standing true to its mission statement: to empower, motivate, and educate people to slay their self-defeating thoughts and decisions to lead a liberated life on their own terms. In addition, my slogan for the communities is: “Having Relevant Conversations to Redefine Lives Radically.”