Eclectic performer to appear at Artist in the Afternoon

Ken J. Martin is up next as we continue to bring you more information on the Artist in the Afternoon participants. 

Atlanta-born singer, and songwriter Ken J. Martin, performs folk and acoustic style music. “My styling is similar to that of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, and Lauryn Hill. I desire to inspire the world with love and light,” he said.

Martin has performed at various venues across the country, including Masquerade, Apache, Vinyl, and The Atlas Theater in Washington, DC. He has been seen on numerous television shows like BET Exposure Competition, BET J’s Lyric Cafe and Online for TV One. He is the founder and host of The Rent Show a monthly showcase for artists.

Ken J, a licensed real estate agent, will bring his unique style of eclectic blackness to Artist in the Afternoon on Saturday, September 3. Audiences are in for a treat as this indie artist performs songs with raw, soulful emotions. Below are his responses to our Artist Questionnaire.  


PrideIndex (PI): Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows until now.

Ken J. Martin (Ken J): I’m a painter.

PI: Name of book(s) or products you plan to sell. 

Ken J: A New World, 3 Years A Days, Fallen (must get offline)

PI: Who is your target audience? 

Ken J: All people

PI: What is the central message you desire to communicate to your audience?

Ken J: God is with us, love is in us, and you will always have both.

PI: When did you first know you wanted to become a performer? 

Ken J: I cannot say. 

PI: Where do you find your inspiration? 

Ken J: God. People, black history, 

PI: How do you nurture ideas from brainstorming until they come to life on paper? 

Ken J: I can sit down and create work, but I am a free-flow artist. I live and ask questions, wait for answers, and write the response or story in song. The experience takes time. The writing flows when it is ready.

Artists in the Afternoon: Prose, Poetry, & More will take place on Saturday, September 3, at the Metropolitan Library, 1332 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Atlanta, GA, from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. This event is free.