Anthony Kyle Robinson talks Trilogy of Love

Anthony Kyle Robinson is up next as we continue to bring you more information on the Artist in the Afternoon participating panelists. 

In a million years, Anthony Kyle Robinson never thought he would call himself an author. His journey to become a published started almost a decade ago when he’d lost his partner of 11 years and started writing as a way to deal with the loss. 

The Atlanta resident is the author of the trilogy books in the “Four Better or Worse Book series,” which includes When I say I Do (2021), Being Married To Her (2019), and He Was My Husband Too (2014). 

He Was My Husband Too follows the love story of Tyler, a handsome, well-educated entrepreneur, and Will. Following the unexpected death of Will, Tyler begins his journey toward closure, denial, and rejection from those who once embraced the union between himself and Will. He told PrideIndex that after self-publishing his first book, readers urged him to continue the series. 


PrideIndex (PI): Tell us something about yourself that no one else knows until now: 

Anthony Kyle Robinson (AKR): Being a parent is one ideal job I’d love before the end of my time on this earth.

PI: Name of book(s) you plan to sell: He Was My Husband Too.

AKR: Being Married to Her and When I Said I Do.

PI: Who is your target audience? 

AKR: All walks of life.

PI: What is the central message you desire to communicate to the reader? 

AKR: Love is Love.

PI: When did you first know you wanted to be a writer? 

AKR: When I was in middle school.

PI: Where do you find your inspiration? 

AKR: Connecting with my readers in hopes of them being able to place themselves in every scene.

PI: Why did you write this book? 

AKR: The first book was written for therapy, and the second was because everyone insisted I write it. The third picked up from a cliffhanger where I’d left off in the second book.

PI: How do you nurture ideas from brainstorming until they come to life on paper? 

AKR: I put them in my notes, record things on my phone when an idea comes to mind and make notes before going to bed and in my downtime.

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