Author, Educator Dr. Alphonso Buie Aims To Be “A Bridge To Understanding”

We continue our series of conversations with the ILTA Literary Café Event participating panelist. Up next is Dr. Alphonso Buie.  Dr. Buie is an author, educator, and certified Sustainability Management professional. He is the author of two children’s books My Two Dads (2018), My Two Moms (2019) and of Stuck (2019), a self-help book. His works focuses on dispelling stereotypes. “I exist to make people happy and be a bridge to understanding. The more we understand each other the further we shall grow as a society,” he said. The Chicago native currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia after living and teaching abroad in Beijing, China as a Business Professor. Dr. Buie serves as a mentor to individuals seeking to enhance their lives, and as an organizational consultant. 

After achieving his Doctorate in Business, he sought out to be of service to others by volunteering with organizations such as Rotary International and Los Angeles Black College Fair. Such actions have led to him receiving recognition from his Alma Mater Lincoln University of Missouri as an awardee of the Prestigious Young Alumni Award for his services to make the world “greater, better, and more beautiful” than when it was given to him.

Currently he serves as a Program Chair for Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management for a college outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

PrideIndex (PI): Talk about yourself and discuss why you became a writer.

Dr. Alphonso Buie (DB): It’s always hard for me to talk about myself on the spot. I am a 40-year old Black Gay Man who prides himself in the creation of opportunities where others can achieve success. Originally from Chicago but now I reside in Atlanta after living in various cities domestically and abroad over the past few years. 

My godson inspired me to become a writer. When he told me that I was smart and should write books I took that as a calling card to embark on this journey. Now, here we are inspiring people to live out their lives the best way possible.

PI: Name at least three people that have influenced your style as a writer.

DB: E. Lynn Harris, Bob Burg and Toni Morrison. Tell a story, make it interesting and relatable, and teach valuable lessons along the way.

PI: Describe for us the exact moment you decided for certain that you needed to write this book.

DB: I wrote “My Two Dads” when I saw no books existed with two dads that are Black and Brown. I decided let’s show some other truths in our diverse society.

PI: It’s commendable that you choose this subject to write about. How has your target audience reacted to this book? 

DB:  Very well in that some people are seeing that we as LGBTQ+ are more than sexual beings. Nobody is raising kids “to be gay” or with any other pre-conceived notion. It is simple a family with a kid that happens to have two dads. So simple yet so profound. 

Other people are seeing that having a family with children is a possibility for themselves. Representation inspires motivation, go after yours people!

PI: Are you or anyone you know a same sex couple that has adopted a child? If so, describe the adoption experience?

DB: Some of my friends adopted children and each process was different, some streamlined while others complex. Granted being from the outside looking in you really don’t know the struggles minor or major, but I feel that for each of my friends the universe wanted the parents and their children to exist as a family.

PI: What are some of the challenges a same-sex couple could encounter during the adoption process? 

DB: I believe discrimination is such a large obstacle. People using their authority to stop someone from having the family they desire simply because they exist in a different demographic is tragic. There are so many people and agencies involved in finding kids a good home, you just have to hope that people realize the majority of people want to provide children with stable homes full of love.

PI: What should same-sex couples do to determine if adoption would be a good fit

DB: Ensure that you really want children. They are completely dependent on the adult raising them, you get no days off and they don’t care if you want to take a trip. They want food and they want it now. (Laughs)  No but seriously research by finding agencies and resources that will assist in any format. 

Make sure you limit who you tell. It takes just one negative reporting to hinder your adoption progress. A supportive village on the other hand can really help your process. 

Talk to other same-sex couples who have already been through the process. They will provide a wealth of information on the process and future experiences that a child may encounter.

PI: I’ve read that you will continue to write a series of books on this subject matter. When will the next book come out? 

DB: I am hoping to publish my next book by summer 2022. 

One book will be a children’s book of a blended family where the parents separated and married other people.

The other will be a self-help book on how to communicate better.

PI: What else would you like to share about yourself?

DB: Ah….talking about me again. I guess I exist to make people happy and be a bridge to understanding. The more we understand each other the further we shall grow as a society. Outside of that I love life and the people that are in my life make it that much more special.

PI: In the future your great-grandchildren will be thumbing through old family photos. What do you think they will have to say about you and your work? 

DB: He was a loving man, an assertive man, and just wanted people to be happy.

Dr. Alphonso Buie’s books are available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and Target.

Reach out to Dr. Buie at or via Instagram

Meet Author Dr. Alphonso Buie in person at the ILTA Literary Café Event on Saturday, September 4th at the Atlanta Marriott Suites Midtown, 35 14th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm.