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Blowing the roof off the beauty queen factory. Bárbara López on “Señorita 89” and on being part of a beloved queer couple

By mtrasandes GLAAD.org | February 27, 2022 “Pretty on the outside, scary on the inside” describes the sumptuous mountain lair, La Encantada, where a group of women vying to become Miss Mexico are taken in the new series Señorita […]

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Creating The Change, I Want to Be

Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Antonio Driver, Executive Director of SpeakOut, a Washington DC-based nonprofit community engagement organization representing more than 6,000 same-gender-loving (SGL) men and women of color. Since its inception […]

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Smartfood releases limited edition popcorn “All Love is Smart Love” with GLAAD for Valentine’s Day

By Lydia Edwards GLAAD.org  | February 18, 2022 Our friends at Smartfood know that every kind of love is special and should be celebrated. Proclaiming, “All Love is Smart Love”, Smartfood is celebrating the LGBTQ community through […]

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GLAAD’S 2021-2022 Where We Are on TV Report: LGBTQ Representation Reaches New Record Highs

By Raina Deerwater, Entertainment Research & Analysis Manager GLAAD.org | February 17, 2022 GLAAD today announced the findings of its annual Where We Are on TV report. The Where We Are on TV study analyzes the overall diversity of primetime scripted series regulars on […]

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Stream “Love Overdue” Today!

IT’S OUT! “Love Overdue” is finally out just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I wrote, “Love Overdue” over 10 years ago for the play Love’s Gonna Get You – a romantic comedy by James and Michelle Woodson.  […]