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GLAAD Interview: “Pose” Star Dominique Jackson Talks Important and Impact of “The Book of Queer” Finale

By Allison Bloom, Communications Consultant  | June 30, 2022 The Book of Queer, Discovery+’s five-part series that informs viewers about a variety of groundbreaking LGBTQ individuals throughout history has its impactful, final episode premiering June 30 and it is […]

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Queer Youth of Faith Day is around the corner! Here’s what to expect from activists and organizers in and outside of GLAAD

By Lana Leonard | June 29, 2022 LGBTQ youth shouldn’t have to choose between their faith and their queerness, but often young people are pressured to. Religious queer youth are some of the most vulnerable members of the […]

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Chicago Black Gay Pride Events 2022

It’s approximately one week from showtime for the 2022 Esteem Awards, part of Chicago’s Black Gay weekend. As the excitement and anticipation are building by the second moment, I wish I could add another couple […]

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The Dragon Sisters, are pushing boundaries and celebrating “all the shades of Queer” for Pride Month

By Yolanda Lenge, Entertainment Consultant  | June 21, 2022 Photo Credit: [Grizz Studios] For Pride this year, you’ll find The Dragon Sisters eagerly embracing every soul that is lucky enough to experience their fierce and powerful presence all […]

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The Queer Liberation March is Sunday, June 26. Here’s what to expect. Here’s why the Reclaim Pride Coalition marches this Pride.

By Lana Leonard | June 17, 2022 The 4th annual Queer Liberation March will take place Sunday, June 26th starting at Foley Square at 2 p.m. and ending at Washington Square Park.  The Reclaim Pride Coalition (RPC)—a […]

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Samuel Adams partners with GLAAD and calls on craft breweries to become safer and more inclusive spaces for all

By Jose Useche, Communications Coordinator | June 17, 2022 As Pride celebrations make a hopeful return, Samuel Adams is reinforcing its commitment to creating safe and inclusive spaces that bring people together to share a beer, celebrate Pride, and […]