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LEGENDARY By Emanuel Xavier

LEGENDARY Copyright 2003 by Emanuel Xavier for Pier Queen Productions. In memory of Pepper LaBeijaThere are Gods amongst us in these ghettosso black, so fierce,so brown, so beautiful,Their time on earth may be as oppressed […]

Authors of Note

Authors of Note: Anike Bay

Anike Bay is an up-and-coming lesbian author born and raised in Chicago. Her books “GIRLS LIKE US! Seasons 1 – 4,” is a dramatic series which follows about the adventures of a bisexual female lawyer. […]

Someone You Should Know

In Memoriam: Lois Bates

Lois Bates, a community activist, and transgender health manager at Howard Brown Health Center, died of kidney failure on Nov 17, 2011. “I’m at a loss for words right’s now, it’s a huge loss for the […]