10 Things You Need to Know About Marshall Titus

1. Influenced by the likes of Smokey Robinson, Seal, Sade, Luther Van dross, Gino Vannelli, Sting, Annie Lennox, Terence Trent D’Arby and countless others, Marshall Titus aims to achieve success in his own rite.

2. His most recent project “Fallen Leaves” is available for purchase online at www.myspace.com/marshalltitus. Unlike other traditional recording artists who depend on the label system to promote and get their songs played in heavy rotation on the radio, Mr. Titus’ music is sold almost exclusively online in digital music stores such as www.cdbaby.com/cd/titus, iTunes or on MySpace where songs can be purchased and downloaded to the end user’s computer or IPOD. “Radio has no approach to my style of music; it’s not supportive of indie artists of my nature at this point,” he said. “I decided to release new songs as they come out of the oven, so to speak, as oppose to trying to record a whole CD at one time. “

3. Born and raised in Chicago, music has always been a part of his life. “The first song I ever had published was a song entitled “Sweet Melodies” recorded by Linda Clifford on her album “Let Me Be Your Woman” Curtom/RSO Records. I was a co-writer on the song on her third album, which had the disco version of “Bridge over Troubled Waters.”

4. Mr. Titus may look a little familiar to those who may remember him as a contestant on the television talent show, Star Search on which he was a finalist in the Male Vocalist Category. “I can hardly believe it’s been so long ago since I did Star Search That was sort of an out of body experience for me, very exciting,” he said. “That’s what American Idol is today. I have good memories, met a lot of great people, and to this day some people still remember me from that show.”

5. He has achieved success as an actor and performer. He won a Jeff Award for Best Actor in a Musical, for his performance of James “Thunder” Early in the Marriott’s Lincolnshire theater production of Dreamgirls. And his distinctive soulful voice can be heard on numerous radio and television commercial jingles hawking products for national advertisers such as Sears, Coca Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and McDonald’s. On the big screen he had a part in a French film called Mort un demarche de pluie (Death on a Rainy Sunday) and he can be seen in the hit movie Barbershop. He plans to do more television and films as they become available.

6. Titus takes an interesting approach to identifying ideas for new projects. “Ideas for new projects identify me, they tend to excite me for a long period of time, I guess it’s sort of what being pregnant must feel like (lol) when the baby is due it has to come out.”

7. As an African American who happens to be a gay performer Titus has energized audiences with his universal appeal. He believes that a non-closeted black performer can obtain commercial success today, more than ever before. “I know that it would take an extremely brave individual to do that. If it were to happen, now would be the time. It’s like asking the question, is America ready for a black man, or a woman for President if not now, when?” he asks.

8. Titus admits that he does not listen to the radio too often; he doesn’t have an opinion regarding what’s hip-hop vs. R&B. Although he believes there are some talented people in the recorded music industry, he’s very disappointed with popular music produced and performed by most of the black acts of today. He believes the label system has always been driven by other factors as opposed to what good music is about.

9. His advice to aspiring artist, “Wear the world as if it were a loose garment. be patient and kind to yourself, be like water and flow. And above all, build strong faith in your divine source of power……NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!”

10. The most important thing you should know about Marshall Titus is that he is available for live singing engagements. He can be reached via his email at marshalltitus@sbcglobalnet. He’s currently working on “Eye of The Storm,” a musical adaption of the life of civil rights activist Bayard Rustin. To learn more about the musical, currently in workshop visit www.myspace.com/bayardrustineyeofthestorm.